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About E-Coolcargo.

Since 2013 Michaël Kuijpers (truck technician) and Ronald van den Berg (financial consultant for technical projects) are working on a system to make existing trucks more sustainable.

Their research included the innovation of hydrogen cells, energy regeneration, solar energy and the reduction of the weight of the body work and chassis. Nevertheless, it was not possible to significantly reduce costs or to ensure that the trucks produced less noise. To reduce maintenance on the vehicles was also very difficult. Furthermore, the CO2 reduction was insufficient.

That is why Casper Linsen was brought in (expert in the field of Air and Space technology). He started converting the cooling systems of existing trucks into an electrical system that reduces CO2 and significantly reduces costs, produces less noise and is less susceptible to maintenance.

Because the new system no longer works on diesel, but on the electrification of cooling tanks, Rik Megens was asked to help and improve the concept. Rik is an electrical engineer with lots of experience in the industry. Among other things, he has designed and built special switch boxes to make electrical systems communicate better with each other.

As a result of the cooperation in the Kuijpers, Van den Berg, Linsen and Megens team, a working concept was found for the electrification of the cooling technology in existing trucks that met all requirements, including a battery pack of 250 to 300 kg.

To prepare as much as possible for the latest innovative developments in the field of freight traffic, the team worked closely together with the Mobiel Erfgoed Centrum (MEC) in Rotterdam.

The involvement of the MEC, a knowledge center for, among other things, freight traffic, guarantees the innovative development of the system. MEC also involved Bovag, Focwa, ANWB and Hogeschool Rotterdam. Galileo BV provides an e-learning module, which makes it easy to install the system on trucks.

Low costs
Much less noise
Less maintenance
CO2 reduction
Conversion to the new electric cooling system

Benieuwd naar de mogelijkheden voor uw bedrijf?

Interested in the refrigerated trucks of the future?

Interested in the refrigerated trucks of the future?

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